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Point of Banking Terminal

Introducing a Better Way to Accept Bankcards without Expensive Processing Fees!

More merchants across the country are going with
Point of Banking so they can make money on each
transaction, instead of paying processing costs for
every transaction where customers are using their
bank card.  This helps merchants increase profits.

Point of Banking terminals are convenient for
customers to get cash back when making purchases,
and merchants love them because of the convenience
fee paid by the cardholder also pays for the cost of processing each transaction.  This enables merchants
to accept card payments at no cost to their business!

NOW Accepting High Risk Merchants
California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Michigan, etc
Get Better Pricing and Better Service!

Merchants all across the nation are discovering that
there is a better way to provide bankcard acceptance
at their business without paying costly processing fees!

Making Money in a Slow Economy!

As the economy enters this current slow cycle, many merchants are looking for ways to save money by cutting their business expenses to help increase store profits.

One of the most efficient ways to save money is by offering customers the convenience
of getting cash back using a Point of Banking bancard terminal.  The amount of cash back is controlled by the merchant as purchase transactions can be made in increments of $5.

This type of bankcard processing enables merchant to shift the cost of card processing from their business over to the customer by charging a small 99 cents convenience fee.
This can save merchants alot of money.  After all, saving money is MAKING money!

Most consumers today are using PIN based debit cards for their daily purchases up to $300, and many enjoy having the option of getting small amounts of cash back for pocket spending money, so it's a win win situation for many retail merchants.

CLICK HERE for more details on how Point of Banking
can help your business make money by saving money!

Most retailers have merchant accounts which enables them to run credit card transactions
on their credit card machine...this usually costs them about 2% processing fee (or more) on
each sale where a customer is using their bankcard!  This processing fee will continue to go
up, causing merchants to pay more out of their hard earned profits to cover this expense.

Point of Banking Terminals (some still call them cashless atms), are a tool that many
merchants are now using to help them cut the cost of providing bankcard acceptance
in their retail also provides their customers with the convenience of getting
cash back with their purchases.  Surf our site and learn more about Point of Banking!

How Does the Point of Banking
Terminal Work?...CLICK HERE

If you still have questions, give us a call or E-mail us with your Inquiry.

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