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CASHLESS ATM Investment Opportunities!

Now Featuring EMV POB Terminals!
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Get Better Pricing and Better Service!

Processing with Point of Banking: A Profitable Product
for Banks, ISOs and the Independent Sales Professional!

Are you a sales oriented professional looking for an opportunity to make great commissions that come with *lifetime monthly residual income built in, without having to invest any money to get involved with the program?  Do you have the desire to sell a great product that empowers merchants to save money and help their business become more profitable as they accept card payments at no cost?

If you said yes, you're going to LOVE this program!

Our independent distributor program gives you the flexibility and freedom to work at your own pace (full time, or part time), without having to concern yourself with territories, or not being able to sell in certain markets across the can even keep your present job if you want!

Happy Scrip Sales Guy!
One of the most popular benefits of our program is that we're here to serve your merchants for you, so you can spend more time doing what you do best...selling!  Unless you just want to, there's no need to field tech support calls, do research on accounting issues, or deliver monthly statements because we handle all of that for you.  We'll be here for years to come to provide any service your merchants may need for the best profitable cashless atm experience for you and your customers.

As one of the fastest growing companies in the financial services industry with independent distributors nationwide, we provide some of the best opportunities available anywhere for banks, financial service companies, ISOs, as well as independent sales professionals.  Our equipment package pricing, and monthly residual potential is geared toward giving you the ability to earn more, providing greater potential for you to achieve long term financial freedom and stability for yourself, and your family!

Cashless atm machine sales are continuing to increase as more and more merchants find out how they can benefit their business by saving them processing costs they would be paying with traditional bank card acceptance. If you are already fimiliar with the cardservice industry, then you need to know that there is a major difference in the way the banking industry processes cashless atms versus regular cash atm machines. For more information about this, Click Here

It is also a good idea to know commonly used terms in the credit card and atm industry. We'll help you become knowledgeable and learn how to market cashless atms with marketing materials, merchant support, and phone consultation!  Other companies don't offer you these needed tools, or ongoing support to help you succeed...

Mis-information about Point of Banking
Many atm companies and credit card companies do their best to put out wrong information about Point of Banking to scare people off and make them believe these machines are illegal in some states. Some even claim that they cannot do cash advances on credit cards...their claims are simply not true. There have been several companies that have been shut down due to promising investors large returns, but this has nothing to do with this type of service being illegal.
( for more information, go to the atm business opportunity information page - Click Here )

It is in the best interest of atm companies and credit card companies to put out wrong information because more merchants across the country are going with Point of Banking which is costing these companies business....and so, they say whatever they can to discourage using this product.

Our favorite rumor is "Congress just passed a bill making it a Federal crime". The fact of the matter is Point of Banking machines are perfectly legal as long as industry security standards are used, which is why DES-3 Encryption and card number truncation is so important. Some of our competitors that offer cheap equipment aren't following banking industry security standards and requirements which can cause you to experience problems should you go with them.

If you still have questions concerning the difference between cashless atms and regular atms, or even credit card processing, give us a call and we will do our best to help you understand!

Noted Benefits of Our Program...
As more and more merchants opt for atms these days, many are finding traditional atms to be much too expensive to own & operate. That's where Cashless Atms come in!

There's no doubt about their growing popularity, and there's no doubt Cashless Atms are only going to get bigger from here. That's why today's sales professional in the card service industry needs access to a great scrip machine program that's completely turn-key, and hassle free!

This is a fantastic program that you owe
it to yourself to get involved with!

  • Competitive processing rates.
  • Competitive machine package pricing that includes everything your merchant will need to make their scrip program a success!
  • Monthly ACH payments to your account directly from the processor.
  • You retain ownership of your residuals (even if you decide to process elsewhere later)
  • Our Distributor Agreement doesn't require you to sell for us only. We appreciate all the business you bring us, even if you only bring in one machine every 6 months.
  • No quotas, or monthly minimums...ever!
  • Your own Online Monitoring account where you can track your transactions.
  • Special pricing for your deals involving large companies that want to put scrip machines in multiple locations.
  • Ground Shipping is included with all new machine packages.
  • Optional machine warranty for as long as your merchant is processing through us (includes shipping both ways!)
  • Optional paper supply program (includes shipping).
  • Toll-Free tech support for your merchants.
  • Monthly statements mailed (or emailed, your merchant's choice) to your merchants each month.
  • All machines are DES-3, and truncation compliant, and shipped pre-programmed and ready to go to work for your merchant. Just plug in the phone chord, power line, and put up the included sign package, and that's all you have to do!
  • Access to virtually all of the major processing networks in the United States, which provides a very low transaction denial rate....Sign-up TODAY!

  • How to Sign-up to be an ISO, or an Independent Distributor

    Online Monitoring Provided at No Charge!
    It costs nothing to sign up to be a Distributor and sell cashless atm packages to merchants in your area, or across the nation.

    However, we do require you to maintain a valid email address. If you must use a free email service, we recommend Yahoo Mail which is the most reliable free service. Our primary method for communications with Distributors is through email.

    If you would like to receive detailed information by email concerning the opportunity to partner with a stable, growing company that respects and cares for it's sales professionals, please use our:

      Distributor Signup Form - Click Here
                   *NOTE: If you call us to inquire about our program, you will
                     be asked to come back here to start the sign-up process.

    After submiting this signup form, you will be taken to a page where you can download the Non-Disclosure / Non-Circumvention Agreement to sign and fax back to us.  (Submitting your information does not obligate you in any way, and your information will be kept confidential.)

    Our fax number is at the bottom of the agreement.  Be sure and write your email address neatly at the bottom of the agreement so we can email you complete details about our program along with the Distributor Agreement.

    After we have recieved your contact info and your signed Non-Disclosure / Non-Circumvention Agreement by fax, we will be able to send you our Distributor Agreement, as well as answer any questions you may have about our sales program.  We're looking forward to the potential of working with you to provide equipment and services that will help you increase your sales and provide value to the clients you serve!

    *Ongoing residuals are paid to Distributor by third party processing company for as long as the merchants/investors that Distributor signs up continue to process through us.  Residuals will stop being paid in cases of Distributor fraud, breach of trust, or violations of any applicable law or banking industry regulation in conjunction with offering our products/services to merchants/investors. See Distributor Agreement for details.

    *All sales are final. We do not have a buy back program. If Customer decides to quit,
    we will ship any un-used equipment that has been purchased to the Customer.
    We do not make any claims of income potential by using
    the equipment and services that we provide.
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