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CASHLESS ATM Investment Opportunities!

Need to Make Some of These?
Looking for a Way to Make Residual
Income Month in and Month Out?

CLICK HERE to Learn More about ATM "BizOp" Investments!
(This is important info you should be aware of before investing with anyone)

Tired of hearing about risky investments offered by business opportunity companies that put pressure on you to spend thousands of dollars by making a decision today? Don't like the fact that most of these companies usually end up in legal trouble causing their investors to lose their investments?

Why not invest in such a way that gives you the
opportunity to be in control of your investment?

Here's how investing in Point of Banking could work for you . . . You can call on merchants in your area (or hire a professional placement company, or a vending machine locator to do it for you...although we strongly recommend that you find your own locations!) and offer to set up your Point of Banking machine in their business at no charge to them.

Investors purchase the Point of Banking package so they can make residual income on each approved transaction and the merchant provides a place to put the machine, a standard electrical outlet, and access to their phone line. You then offer them $.20 per transaction (or, whatever amount you decide) so they will have a stake in what the machine produces based on the number of transactions your machine does each month.
(See Atm Locations for ideas on what kind of businesses you can call on in your area)

Many merchants will be interested in the offer because they will make extra money by having the convienience of a Point of Banking machine available for their customers who will spend more in their place of business since they now have access to their bank account through using their checkcard, bankcard, debit card, or atm card. Some will especially like the idea of not having to pay for the machine, and it will help the merchant quit running so many transactions on their credit card machine...which costs them money each time it's used!

Our program is not a "bizop" program, where we go out and find locations for your machines. Most business opportunity companies that offer that type of service are the ones that have location agreements with the merchants, which leaves you in a position where you have no claim to the locations they've obtained for you....which could very easily result in the business opportunity company selling your location to someone else later....because it's their location, not yours! In this situation, all you have is a very high priced equipment package that you can purchase from us for a few hundred dollars...instead of thousands like the bizop companies charge!
Online Monitoring Provided at No Charge!

We provide Toll-Free tech support as part of our service so you won't have to have take calls for any technical issues that may arise. We provide top quality new equipment that comes with a sign package, ground shipping, programming, DES-3 encryption for security. We also provide online monitoring, so you can track how many transactions your machines are doing online from any computer with an internet connection.

We also provide processing services that features electronic deposits made to you and your merchants directly from the processor. We also delivery statements to your merchants each month. We've got one of the most competitive programs you'll find anywhere. Plus, we make ourselves available to answer your questions about the business and provide marketing materials that other companies won't give you! Contact us today for more information about our program, and find out if investing in cashless atm machines is right for you.

How much will I make by Investing in Point of Banking?

This is one of the most common questions we get from people who are thinking about investing....and the honest answer is "We just don't know!". The reason we don't know is because we cannot look into the future and see how your locations are going to perform, and no other company knows either! (although they try hard to project that you will do great and will be quiting your day job soon after giving them all your investment money!)

You should be aware of the fact that some locations just won't work out due to too few transactions being run each month which causes the location to not be very profitable. When this happens, you would need to recover your equipment (or, offer to sell it to the merchant) and find another location. If you get a low performing location, you can reprogram your machine and put it in a new one.

How much money you make from your investment is directly related to how many transactions each of your machines run each month, which is directly related to how good the locations are that you find. Knowing how much you're going to make per transaction is easy to figure out because of set costs...but finding out how many transactions a location is going to produce each month can only be known by leaving your machine in for at least 90 days (or longer) so you can see how the location is going to perform...not all locations perform the same.

It has been reported by several processors that handle this type of processing that the national average for these types of machines is somewhere 50 to 70 transactions per month....but no company can guarantee that your locations will even do this good! Some may do better, some may do worse. There's just no way of knowing until you put a machine in a location and give it some time there so you can see how that location performs. Point of Banking is not designed to take the place of cash dispensing atms, so they usually work best in locations that don't have enough foot traffic for a regular atm. There are actually more locations that cashless atms would be better suited for than cash dispensing atms, which need hundreds of transactions per month to be profitable.

In our experience, locators and locating companies provide locations that are usually low performing locations. This is due to the fact that most of them don't know what types of locations to look for and they have no vested interest in your success...but they are very interested in collecting their commission so many simply try to talk merchants into signing up. This is a good way to get locations where the merchant doesn't want the machine, which results in low performance in most cases. Also, most locators require half of their commission be paid upfront...which leads to them spending your money and not finding any locations in many cases (some will even ask for more!). This is the most common scam we've seen locators and locating companies beware not to give any money upfront to locators if you decide to use their services.

It costs nothing to get started!

With our program, there is no cost to get started because you really don't need to buy a machine package until you have first found a merchant location. Some investors have decided to buy a machine package to use as a demo to show potential merchants what the package physically looks like, but this is in no way required to get started. The only thing that's really needed to get started is to learn about the program so you can go out and talk with merchants in your area...and this takes time. Unless you've decided to hire an atm locating company to help you find your atm locations (which we don't recommend).

Investing in Point of Banking can potentially be a good source of residual income each month, but it does take effort (work) on your part to make that happen. Don't fall into the trap set by the business opportunity companies where they try to get you to believe that all you have to do is give them your hard earned investment money and they are going to do all the work for you and all you have to do is sit back and rake in the profits.

If things really worked as easily as they say, the bizop companies would be doing it themselves rather than trying to con you into sending them large sums of money, and telling you "You'd better move quick on this ground floor opportunity, because all the really good high profit locations are going fast!" The fact is, very few (if any) of the bizop companies actually have locations...they just take your money and go hire a locator who is usually only interested in his commission...not finding good locations.

It's very important for you to take your time and consider everything that is involved before investing in Point of Banking. This type of investment can be profitable but it takes work, education and it requires patience....knowing this will help you determine if investing in cashless atms is right for you and your family!

To receive detailed information about costs and getting started,
please use our Email Contact Form to request information.

CLICK HERE to Learn More about ATM "BizOp" Investments!
(This is important info you should be aware of before investing with anyone)

NOTE: We Don't Offer Franchises, or Business Opportunities.
We DO NOT Provide Locations for Customers!

We Do Not Promise, or Guarantee Profitability. Customer profits are controlled entirely by the Customer through the surcharge they choose to charge on their machines, how much they give their merchant locations for each transaction, and how many monthly transactions the locations produce that the Customer finds.

*All sales are final. We do not have a buy back program. If Customer decides to quit,
we will ship any un-used equipment that has been purchased to the Customer.
We do not make any claims of income potential by using
the equipment and services that we provide.
For more info about the conditions & limitations that apply, Click Here
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